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After Orientation

After Orientation

Once you complete your live virtual session please take the time to fill out the satisfaction survey, your feedback is greatly appreciated to help us continue to better the orientation experience.

Additionally, you can re-visit Flip Grid to review the pre-orientation tutorial as often as you want. Again, this information will reinforce what you learned in the virtual session and give additional information on special topics such as Title IX, Financial Aid, and your academic program.

Mark your calendar for August 27, 2021 for First Year Convocation, this is a mandatory one day ceremony to kick off the start of the academic year.

Other Great Resources to Access Prior to the start of the semester (Highly Recommended)

  1. Check out our Linktree, where you can find all of your important resources in one place.
  2. Set up and access your electronic accounts (Gmail, Bengal Success Portal, Blackboard, Banner, Degree Works)
  3. Access the Bengal Success Portal and review the names of those listed in your support network.
  4. Review your student account, to ensure all of your financial aid paperwork has been submitted and what your remaining tuition costs are. Check out the important billing dates. Set up a payment plan.
  5. Check out the CAPS portal to see what scholarship opportunities exist.
  6. If you are a first-year student not enrolled in Honors, EOP, Say Yes, or International status; you have been added to the “Roar 2 Success” support network. Check out the website and available resources.
  7. Check out one of the Academic Meet and greet sessions, where you will have the opportunity to talk with faculty from various academic programs and learn all you need to know to be successful in your academic program. Haven’t, decided on a major yet? No problem, checking out one of these sessions is a great way to learn more about what may interests you. Register by clicking the appropriate link below:

-June Academic Meet & Greet #1 (Feat. Dietetics, Speech Language Pathology, & Special Education)

-June Academic Meet & Greet #2 (Feat. Mathematics, Communications, Music, Theater, & Anthropology)

-July Academic Meet & Greet #1 (Feat. Dietetics)

-July Academic Meet & Greet #2 (Feat. Childhood Education)

-Academic Meet & Greet #3 (Feat. Mathematics, Communications, Art/Design, Music, Theater, Psychology, & English)


Mark your calendar for August 27, 2021 for First Year Convocation, this is a mandatory one day ceremony to kick off the start of the academic year.


Additional Engagement Opportunities (Optional)

1. Follow us on IG, Twitter, Facebook, or Snapchat using our handle @lifeatbuffstate. This is a great way to find out about campus resources, how to get involved on campus and learn more about upcoming events.

2. Take a virtual tour of campus

3. More questions? Schedule a 1:1 with an Orientation BEAT team member. 


Questions? Text us at 716-281-5521



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