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Greek Advisors

Greek Advisors

Advisors are an extremely important asset to a chapter’s success. Advisors provide guidance and support to the chapter and chapter officers in several areas of operation. It is important that advisors foster the development of the chapter as a whole as well as individual officers and members. The advisor provides continuity to the organization as the membership and officers change. An advisor should be familiar with the policies and regulations of the chapter, inter/national organization, Buffalo State, and relevant state and federal laws. All of the College Greek Life information can be found on this website. To the left you will see more specific information regarding recognized organizations, new member education and intake policies and procedures as well as the standards and paperwork needed for our 5-Star Program. 

Greek Life Adviser Agreement

Types of Advisors:

  • Faculty/Staff Advisor: student organizations must have an Advisor who is either a full-time member of the faculty or a full-time professional staff. The advisor serves as the liaison between the University and organization. This person does not have to be a member of a Greek organization to serve in this role.
  • Chapter/Alumni Advisor: This advisor is usually selected by the chapter or inter/national organization, and is typically affiliated with the Greek organization.


Responsibilities of a Faculty/Staff Advisor:

The responsibilities for faculty advisors varies greatly based on chapter needs.  Many faculty advisors find success with the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Initiating discussion with chapter officers about the time commitment expected from their faculty/staff advisor. The minimum commitment suggested is monthly attendance at one or more executive officer meetings, alumni advisory board meetings, and/or the chapter meeting.
  • Finding an area of interest to assist in chapter operations.  Scholarship is always a good place to start for a faculty or staff advisor, as it capitalizes on the natural relationship with the Institute.
  • Connecting with the Student Leadership and Engagement Office on important SUNY Buffalo State policies and guidelines that affect faculty/staff advisors.
  • Read and understand the 5-Star Accreditation Program to support the chapter in achieving their desired rating

Responsibilities of a Chapter/Alumni Advisor:

The role of a chapter/alumni advisor follows the Inter/national organization’s expectations (if applicable) but generally are expected to:

  • Provide guidance and advice to the chapter and chapter officers
  • Attend chapter/executive meetings when needed or as expected
  • Actively communicate with chapter members, Buffalo State Student Leadership and Engagement Staff, regional offices, and inter/national headquarters as required
  • Reviewing advisory resources provided by the fraternity or sorority headquarters and the SUNY Buffalo State Student Leadership and Engagement Office.
  • Attending chapter meetings, new member events, initiation, and executive officer meetings.
  • Reviewing copies of minutes from chapter meetings, executive board meetings, and judicial hearings.
  • Reviewing policy and procedure manuals
  • Reviewing the new member program with the new member educator each semester, as dictated by the fraternity or sorority headquarters.
  • Assist with transitioning officers to their positions following each election cycle.
  • Read and understand the 5-Star Accreditation Program to support the chapter in achieving their desired rating

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