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Buffalo State eSports

Buffalo State College is excited to offer our students the opportunity to compete in video game competitions at the collegiate level. Options include intramural leagues, tournaments and matches in various games.



Current students can join our eSports platform and Discord server at any time to connect and play with others in the Buffalo State community. To do so, submit a registration request! Once you complete the request, you will receive an invitation to join via email.

eSports Registration


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Interested in watching eSports or providing some live commentary? Contact if you're interested!


Intramural Tournaments

We will be holding monthly intramural tournaments for current Buffalo State students. Prizes will be awarded to the winner of each tournament courtesy of the United Students Government (USG) and funded by the mandatory student activity fee.

Tournament Date Time
Rocket League (3v3) October 15 7:00pm
Super Smash Bro. Ultimate November 12 7:00pm
December Tournament TBD December 3 7:00pm


To sign up, you must first register for Buffalo State eSports. From there you can sign yourself up in Buffalo State LeagueSpot!

eSports Tournament Sign-Up Instructions


SUNY eSports League

SUNY eSports League

Buffalo State competes against other colleges and universities in the SUNY eSports League! Registration for the spring semester is now closed.

Fall 2021 SUNY League Season

Teams will be representing Buffalo State for the following games.

  • Guilty Gear Strive
  • Overwatch
  • Rocket League (3v3)
  • Splitgate (4v4)
  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
  • Valorant


Fall 2021 SUNY League Win-Loss Records


Rocket League Wins Losses SUNY League Standing
BSC Rocket League 2 0 Tied for 1st


Splitgate (4v4) Wins Losses SUNY League Standing
BSC Splitgate 1 0 Tied for 1st


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Wins Losses SUNY League Standings
BSC Myrple 1 0 Tied for 1st
BSC Bump 0 1 Tied for 52nd


Overwatch Wins Losses SUNY League Standings
BSC Overwatch 1 1 Tied for 7th


Valorent Wins Losses SUNY League Standings
BSC Bengals Orange 0 0 Tied for 1st
BSC Bengals Black 0 1 Tied for 18th
BSC Bengal Arcana 0 1 Tied for 18th


Guilty Gear Strive Wins Losses SUNY League Standings
BSC KirotoGODZ 1 1 Tied for 6th
BSC Myrple 1 1 Tied for 6th


Please contact to learn more about getting involved in Buffalo State eSports.


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