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Bengal Ambush eSports

Buffalo State College is excited to offer our students the opportunity to compete in video game competitions at the collegiate level. Options include intramural leagues, tournaments and matches in various games.



Current students can join our eSports platform and Discord server at any time to connect and play with others in the Buffalo State community. To do so, submit a registration request! Once you complete the request, you will receive an invitation to join via email.

eSports Registration


Follow us on Twitch!

Interested in watching eSports or providing some live commentary? Contact us and let us know you're interest!


Intramural Tournaments

We will be holding monthly intramural tournaments for current for Buffalo State students. Upcoming tournaments

  • Friday, April 16th at 6:30pm - 1v1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch)
  • Friday, April 23rd at 6:30pm - 2v2 Rocket League (Crossplay)


To sign up, you must first register for Buffalo State eSports. From there you can sign yourself up in Buffalo State LeagueSpot!

eSports Tournament Sign-Up Instructions


SUNY eSports League

Buffalo State competes against other colleges and universities in the SUNY eSports League! Registration for the spring semester is now closed. The following titles are included in the upcoming season:

6v6 Overwatch (PC)

BSC Overwatch (5-3)


1v1 Dragon Ball FighterZ (PC)

Heckin Chonker (7-0)


1v1 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch)

SN (6-2)

Mr. Bubbles (4-3)

tko0706 (4-4)

Moople (4-4)

Nightmare (3-5)

Marwan (3-4)

BetaTesties (2-4)

Kingdom K (1-6)


3v3 Rocket League (Crossplay)

BSC Carbeque Sauce (5-3)


4v4 Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

BSC COD (5-3)


2v2 Fortnite (Crossplay)


5v5 Valorant (PC)

BSC Bengals Valorant (4-4)

BSC Valorant 2 (2-6)


5v5 Rainbow Six Siege (PC)


Regular Season: February 15th to April 8th

Playoffs: April 19th to May 13th.

  • Mondays: Overwatch & Dragon Ball FighterZ 
  • Tuesdays: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate & Rocket League
  • Wednesdays: Call of Duty & Fortnite
  • Thursdays: Valorant & Rainbow Six Siege


Current and prospective students interested in participating in eSports should contact Mason Meiler.


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