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Starting a New Organization

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New Student Organization Registration

Students seeking to establish a new organization should verify that the proposed organization does not already exist or resemble the mission of another student organization in some capacity. 

The application process for first-time groups is conducted during the fall semester between October 1st to November 1st, and during the spring semester between February 1st to March 1st. Students submitting documentation after the deadline are not eligible until the following year.

Proposed student organizations seeking registration from Buffalo State are required to perform the following in order to be formally recognized:


Requirements for Registration

1. Complete the Non-USG Affiliated Student Organization Application via Bengal Connect.

2. Schedule a “Starting a New Student Organization” advisement session with a representative from Student Leadership and Engagement.

3. Find five (5) Buffalo State students interested in joining the organization.

4. Elect a full executive board to serve as the leadership for your organization. This includes a President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Student Organization Representative (these individuals count toward the 5-member minimum). All executive board members must be registered as full-time (12 credits), matriculated Buffalo State students.

5. Submit a constitution for the proposed student organization to Student Leadership and Engagement for review and approval.

6. Designate an Adviser who is a full-time Buffalo State faculty/staff member and supports the mission of the proposed organization. All Advisers must complete the Adviser Agreement Form prior to an organization becoming recognized. If you need an adviser, the Student Leadership & Engagement Office can assist in matching you to a full-time faculty/staff member through the Adviser Interest Form.

7. The application will be reviewed and vetted by Student Leadership and Engagement. The students proposing the organization must prepare a short presentation for the committee as part of the review process. The review process does not guarantee approval of registration.

Bengal Connect

Adviser Agreement Form


Meet-Up Group Status

Don't meet all the requirements to start an organization? Students interested in starting a new organization can become a meet-up group. This will allow the proposed student organization to table in the Campbell Student Union, reserve space on campus for general interest meetings, and connect with other students. 

Students who start Meet-Up Groups are NOT allowed to host large-scale campus events or programs. They also are not allowed to fundraise or collect membership dues.

Meet Up Group Application

Please contact Student Leadership and Engagement at for any questions regarding Meet-Up Groups.


Bengal Connect Steps

1. Log onto Bengal Connect with your Buffalo State username and password.

2. Select "Organizations" in the Bengal Connect taskbar at the top of the page.

3. Select "Register an Organization"

4. Scroll down to Register New and select "Register a New Organization"

5. Follow the instructions and steps to create a new organization page on Bengal Connect.


6. Once you submit the application it will need to be reviewed and approved by Student Leadership and Engagement. You will receive an email from Bengal Connect within a few days with confirmation and/or further instructions.

Email us at for more information. 

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