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ROAR 2 Success!

ROAR 2 Success! Peer Mentors standing aside one another for a photo
ROAR 2 Success! Peer Mentors

What is Roar to Success?

Roar 2 Success! is a support program initiated out of the Title III Department of Education grant awarded to Buffalo State College. Our focus is all about retaining first year students. This means, once a student decides to attend Buffalo State College, our number one goal is to ensure that the student is supported and retained. Since the first year of college is typically the predictor of future student success, Roar to Success provides first year students with customized support. This is all in an effort to keep our first year students happy and ensure that they have what they need to be successful. 

Our Mission: 

To assist first year Buffalo State students during their transition into college by providing social and academic support through ongoing coaching, mentoring, and programming.

Our Vision:

It is our best hope that with the support of the Roar 2 Success! Program that the student is not only retained in year one, but has a foundation to be successful for the remainder of their college years at Buffalo State.


How are students selected for ROAR 2 Success?

Currently any perspective Buffalo State student that confirms their attendance and is not enrolled in any other support program on campus is eligible to participate in Roar to Success. Students who are accepted to Buffalo State College for Honors, Athletics, EOP, or as an International student are currently ineligible for services through the Roar to Success program.


What support services do students enrolled in ROAR 2 Success! receive?

Students enrolled and actively engaged in Roar to Success will receive:

  • Summer Transitional Support to college with the "Countdown to College" program
  • One-on one guidance from an assigned Completion Coach
  • Group Peer Mentoring services
  • Access to specialized programs and events


Meet the ROAR 2 Success! Completion Coaches:

Each student enrolled in the program will be assigned to a Completion Coach. Your Coach is here to offer guidance and support focused on navigating the system of higher education. Students will meet regularly with their Completion Coach throughout the academic year and are able to set up appointments in the Bengal Success Portal. A typical meeting with a Completion Coach may consist of discussing personal and professional goals, campus acclimation support, course registration support, or  linking and referring to campus and community based resources. Whatever you need, Roar to Success is here for you!

Ms. Sade Garcia
Mr. Douglas Hoston
Mr. Marvin Smith
Ms. Shawnte Wilson

ROAR 2 Success! Peer Mentoring Program

What is Mentorship? Mentorship is a process in which an experienced individual helps another person develop his/her goals and skills through on-going, supportive conversations and learning exercises. First year students enrolled in the Roar to Success program will serve as mentees and be matched with returning Buffalo State students who will take on the role of mentor.

This program's purpose is to provide students with support in the form of guidance, advice, and insight from a peer mentor. Peer mentors are assigned to a small group of first year students with common interests. Peer mentors are great sources of insight because very often they have experienced similar situations and barriers that their first year mentees may also encounter. Peer mentors will help the Completion Coaches by assisting students during their transition to college life. Student support will focus on the following topics; nutrition education, financial literacy, strategies to adapt to the challenges of academic rigor, effective time management and study skills development.  Additionally, peer mentors will provide engagement opportunities for first-year students through workshops, socials, and community events.


Overview of the Program

Role of the Mentee: First Year students will receive guidance and advice from a mentor (returning Buffalo State student) to assist in supporting your academic, social, and Buffalo State College acclimation experience. 

Role of the Mentor: Returning Buffalo State students will provide insight and guidance for their mentees (first year student) based on their personal experience and knowledge of the college campus. Their goal is to support and ensure a successful transition to Buffalo State for all first year students they support. 

Program Structure/Expectations: Peer Mentors will schedule a weekly standing 1 hour check in session with their mentees. During this time mentors will talk with their mentees in a group and discuss the identified topics for the month. Additionally,  mentors will advertise a weekly 2 hour time block for office hours. During this time students who missed the group meeting for the week or those that prefer to meet with their Mentor 1:1 may do so in a 20-minute time frame. Due to the limited nature of office hours, mentees are asked to identify clear topics they wish to discuss during this time to allow for a more effective meeting.


ROAR 2 Success! Mentoring Timeline

Mentor/Mentee Registration: Upload your student profile into People Grove and gain access to this private social media platform, email invites were sent. If you have not received one email Mr. Marvin Smith at

Match Day: Matches have been made, be sure to check your email to see who your Peer Group leader is, if you have questions please contact Mr. Marvin Smith at

Roar 2 Success! Mentoring Fall 2020 Schedule: Monday September 21, 2020 - Thursday December 17,2020. Join your Peer Mentor group leader and your group weekly for a virtual check in. Check your email each week for the meeting date and link. If you have questions reach out to your Peer Mentor Leader or Mr. Marvin Smith at

Closing Ceremony:  Friday, May 21, 2021

**Matching is based on a combination of factors including declared major, people grove preferences selected by mentees and an overlap in interests and background identified in the program registration questions**

You will receive an email notification once you are matched to your peer group.

We are always recruiting for the next generation of Peer Mentor Leaders, if you have leadership ability and are at least a 2nd year student at Buffalo State College and would like to impact the next freshman class in a positive way, we would love to have you. Let us know you're interested!

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