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ROAR 2 Success!

ROAR 2 Success! Peer Mentors standing aside one another for a photo
ROAR 2 Success! Peer Mentors

What is ROAR 2 Success?

Did you know; that your comfort with resource access and your overall performance in the first year of college typically predicts how successful you will be for the remaining 3 years? Your first year is where you begin to make connections on campus with peers, staff, and faculty. These connections begin to build your network of support for years to come.

ROAR stands for Recognizing Opportunities Achieving Results. The program is focused on providing advocacy and customized support to first year students. This effort is designed to ensure that first year students have what they need to be successful, which aligns with the college’s mission to empower students to succeed.


How are students selected for ROAR 2 Success?

Currently, any prospective first year student that confirms their attendance at Buffalo State College who is not enrolled in any other support program on campus is eligible to participate. Students who are part of Honors Program, Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), Say Yes Program, or are International students are currently ineligible for services through the Roar 2 Success program.


Why participate in ROAR 2 Success?

Students enrolled and actively engaged in Roar 2 Success will receive:

  • Summer transitional support to Buffalo State College with the "Countdown to College" program
  • One-on-one guidance from an assigned Completion Coach
  • Group Peer Mentoring services
  • Access to specialized programs, social media platforms, and events


Our Best Hope

It is our best hope that with the support of the ROAR 2 Success program all first-year students will build a foundation that allows them to be engaged on camps and aware of how to access campus resources. The strong foundation  built in the first year will aid each student in remaining successful for years to come at Buffalo State and beyond.


Meet the ROAR 2 Success! Completion Coaches:

Each student enrolled in the program will be assigned to a Completion Coach. Your Coach is here to offer guidance, advocacy and support focused on navigating college. Students will meet regularly with their Completion Coach throughout the academic year and are able to set up appointments in the Bengal Success Portal. A typical meeting with a Completion Coach may consist of discussing personal and professional goals, social support building, course registration support, or linking and referring to campus and community-based resources. Whatever you need, ROAR 2 Success is here for you!

Ms. Sade Garcia
Mr. Douglas Hoston
Mr. Marvin Smith
Ms. Shawnte Wilson

Upcoming ROAR 2 Success Events


Bengal Study Night

Wednesday, December 9 & Thursday, December 10


Virtual Office Hours

Thursdays 12:00pm to 3:00pm

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"ROAR 2 Success" is part of the Department of Education's Title III Grant initiative




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