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Greek Achievement Program (GAP)

Greek Achievement Program (GAP)


The Greek Achievement Program (GAP) is an initiative at SUNY Buffalo State College that focuses on the development of fraternity and sorority members and their respective chapters. This initiative promotes the holistic development of members. This initiative facilitates the fraternity and sorority members to engage in the larger campus community and encourages collaboration across organizations.  


Summary of Program:

The program outlines five standards to be integrated into the work of each chapter. Within each standard, each chapter will have the option to highlight their commitment to this standard in an individualized way. This will involve initiatives that are both internal and external to the organization. The standards are expectations in which recognized Buffalo State fraternities and sororities should aspire to achieve.  

The organizations will receive support throughout this process from the Greek Life liaisons, the organization’s chapter adviser, and the organization’s Buffalo State faculty/ staff adviser on campus.  


Evaluation of Standards and “Year in Review” Presentation:

Each chapter will be responsible for presenting their involvement, accomplishments, and demonstrating what they learned at the end of each academic year. This “year in review” presentation will take place with the Greek Life Liaison and other campus stakeholders. Members will speak on how their organization met each of the standards across the academic year based on the GAP rubric.  

Each chapter will receive feedback based on their performance. A rubric and score will be shared with organization leadership and advisers. It is encouraged that this feedback be utilized for planning for the next academic year. This “year in review” presentation score will not be associated with the recognition process for fraternities and sororities, but rather as a tool for supporting the growth and development of our students and their organizations.  


Greek Achievement Program Rubric:

A Greek Letter organization can receive one of four outcomes in each standard of the Greek Achievement Program as part of their “Year in Review” presentation.

  • Exceeds Expectations: The organization exceeds expectations and is a model group in this standard.
  • Meets Expectations: The organization meets all minimum expectations of this standard.
  • Needs Improvement: The organization meets some of the minimum expectations, and there is overall room for improvement and growth.
  • Does Not Meet Expectations: The organization did not meet minimum expectations for this standard.


General College Requirements for Greek Letter Organizations:

Progress for General College Requirements will be tracked on Bengal Connect through the Greek Achievement Program Path.  Students will be able to submit documents and track progress. Each organization will assign a representative to track their organization’s progress. Organizations will be able to contact Student Leadership and Engagement staff for any assistance using Paths.

Recognition Requirements (Bengal Connect Path)
  • Submit a copy of insurance/description of coverage
  • Submit a signed Adviser Agreement Form
  • Keep an active Bengal Connect page with an up-to-date official roster at all times
  • Submit an official organization roster to the Greek Liaison by the end of the first week of classes (fall semester)
  • Submit an official organization roster to the Greek Liaison by the end of the first week of classes (spring semester)
  • Complete annual re-registration via Bengal Connect (April 1 – May 31)
  • Chapters will present their annual “Year in Review” Presentation as part of the Greek Achievement Program (GAP) at the end of April
Recruitment Requirements (Bengal Connect Path)
  • New Member Educator attends Greek Life Interest Meeting (fall and spring semester)
  • Submit copy approval of New Member Education Plan/Intake Proposal by the end of the second week of classes (fall and spring semester)
  • The New Member Educator has met with the Greek Life Liaison to review the organization’s New Member Education Plan/Intake Proposal (fall and spring semester)
  • Ensure new members that join the organization are added to the official roster on Bengal Connect and visit Student Leadership and Engagement to verify their membership (fall and spring semester)
  • Ensure all new members attend the “Greek Life New Member Training” held at the end of each semester (fall and spring semester semester)
Programmatic Requirements (Bengal Connect Path)
  • President and/or At-Large Member has attended all Greek President’s Council Meetings
  • Organization attended Greek Life Development Day
  • Organization attended Meet the Greeks (fall semester)
  • Organization attended Meet the Greeks (spring semester)
  • Organization attended National Hazing Prevention Week Event
  • Organization attended Greek Week


Greek Achievement Program Standards:

The program will consist of five standards to be integrated into the work of each chapter. Within each standard, each chapter will have the option to highlight its commitment to this standard in an individualized way.

Standard 1: Academic Excellence  
  • Chapters will promote positive academic habits and make academic success a top priority for all members. Examples include hosting library hours, attending academic-related events, and utilizing tutoring services and resources.  
  • Chapters will demonstrate the importance of establishing connections with faculty and staff on campus through maintaining a relationship with their faculty/staff adviser at Buffalo State.  
  • Chapters will create and utilize an academic plan for their members to maintain academic progress and excellence.  
Standard 2: Accountability and Harm Reduction 
  • Chapters will educate their members on risk management by hosting a training or workshop on risk management guidelines or equivalent chapter standards regarding risk management behaviors each semester.  
  • Chapters will demonstrate an understanding of anti-hazing policies through their intake and new member education protocols. 
  • Members will understand how to recognize and how to report hazing at Buffalo State. 
  • Members will demonstrate an understanding of consent and bystander intervention through their participation in a BSC Consent Convos workshop hosted by the Dean of Students Office at Buffalo State.  
Standard 3: Community, Civic Engagement, and Belonging 
  • Chapters will demonstrate a connection to the larger Greek community through their attendance at and participation in events sponsored by the Greek President’s Council. Examples include Greek Life Development Day, Meet the Greeks, National Hazing Prevention Week, and Greek Week.
  • Chapters will immerse themselves into the larger campus community by attending events hosted by other recognized Greek Life organizations as well as organizations that are not affiliated with Greek Life.  
  • Chapters will support and understand the purpose of philanthropy and community service through fundraising and active participation in service programming. 
Standard 4: Organizational Excellence and Leadership 
  • Members will demonstrate knowledge of campus policies, procedures and expectations, including Buffalo State’s annual registration and affiliation agreement.
  • Chapters will demonstrate how they promote and encourage the leadership development of their members. 
  • Chapters will maintain efficient chapter operations by having a structure in place for executive board transition. 
  • Chapters will articulate the values, ideals, and principles of their organizations and how they exemplify these constructs in their chapter operations.  
Standard 5: Social Justice and Inclusion  
  • Members will learn and understand the college’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion through their engagement with social justice workshops, events, and initiatives.  
  • Members will be able to demonstrate how their organization supports the unconditional human worth and dignity of all Buffalo State students.  
  • Members will articulate how their organization supports social justice initiatives on-campus and in their local communities.   
  • Chapters will support the holistic development and multiple identities of their members.  


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