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5-Star Resources

5-Star Instructions


1. Select at least one executive board member to be your 5-Star Chair. Due to the documentation involved in this process, it is wise to select someone who is organized and has good writing skills. At the request of the 5-Star Chair, they may meet with the Associate Director of Student Leadership and Engagement or the Greek Life Liaison to discuss general questions or issues involving the program or accreditation of an event. 

2. Read through the ENTIRE 5-STAR PROGRAM. Make note of any questions you may have and make sure that you ask your 5-star Chair those questions as soon as you select them.

3. Begin compiling all data immediately. Keep the binder or folder up to date. There will be a review at the conclusion of each semester:

Mid program data due to Student Leadership and Engagement and the Greek Life Liaison Monday, November 30, 2020.  

Final program data due to Student Leadership and Engagement and the Greek Life Liaison Friday, April 30, 2021 at 10:00am. Only include activities between 8/31/20 through 4/30/2021.

4. You must submit the proper forms for all events and community service.  

5. All new members count toward your percentages and number of people in your organization even if they are not initiated yet to encourage full participation.

5. Failure to submit the packet in a timely manner will result in dropping half a star when calculating the average.

Review of Chapters

Chapters will begin their mid-year review on Monday, November 30, 2020 and a final rating will be given at the end of the spring semester, but all FINAL 5-Star packets are due Friday, April 30, 2021. 

Chapters will earn a star rating for each category in which the established requirements are accomplished. At the end of the 2021 spring semester a star rating will be determined based on the number of requirements completed per category.  Ratings will be rounded up (e.g. If your average is a 3.6 your official rating is a 4). Each chapter may earn a total of five stars.

If a chapter is ranked a 2-star, during their review, they will have one academic calendar year to increase their rating to the baseline (3-star). During that time, the chapter must continue to abide by all Buffalo State College, IGA, and Student Leadership and Engagement Office policies. 

When a chapter is found responsible for violating a College policy, the IGA Judicial Board or the College Judicial Board will provide a list of sanctions that must be met. So long as a chapter is completing these sanctions, they may meet the recognition requirements. Once recognition requirements are met and the chapter receives College recognition, they can use the star levels to measure chapter growth and development. Stars support the theoretical pillars of Greek Life at SUNY Buffalo State and allow for discussion on the chapter’s current status. 

Noncompliant Chapters 

Chapters not meeting recognition requirements during a review period may lose active status with the College.  

If the decision to be unrecognized is taken, the decision will be communicated to the chapter president, chapter advisory board, fraternal headquarters (if applicable) and IGA. In accordance with past precedence, the College requests the removal of a charter for a minimum of five years before re-affiliation will be considered. After five years, campus and organizational climate will be assessed based on the shared desire for a successful chapter.  This decision is made in conjunction with IGA and Student Leadership and Engagement


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