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5-Star Program

5-Star Program

The 5-Star Program provides a framework by which Fraternity and Sorority organizations can quantify and document their activities and successes, while creating a tool by which they may be evaluated. Each organization should be at a minimum 3-Star rating by the end of the academic year but we hope many groups are able to function at a 4 or 5-Star level. Every chapter is expected to submit a 5 star program packet by the date given by the Student Life Office.

5-Star allows all Fraternity and Sorority organizations to align their national and local mission and needs to the mission of SUNY Buffalo State. A committee including the Director of Student Life and a student representative will review your packet submissions.

The official “Star Rating” will be determined at the end of the Spring semester. At the end of the Fall semester, a mid-year check in will be determined in order to track the organization’s progress within the program.


The Purpose of the 5-Star program is to encourage the Fraternity and Sorority Community to achieve higher standards, which showcase a positive image, successful operations and management, and chapter achievements.  The 5-Star Program is a collection of standards that chapters are encouraged to accomplish in five key categories.  Chapters will earn a star rating for each category in which the established requirements are accomplished. Ratings will not be rounded up (e.g. If your average is a 3.6 your official rating is a 3). Each chapter may earn a total of five stars. Chapters will be awarded their stars at the end of the spring semester so their 5-star rating will be represented at the start of the following year and reflect the achievement of the organization.


The 5-Star Program has been determined to showcase best practices in creating a positive and constructive Fraternity and Sorority community that is firmly based in its founding values.

Community: Instilling the core values of their organization and SUNY Buffalo State. The chapters form a strong unified community, as well as brotherhood/sisterhood within their chapter. They have an active recruitment process and help to form a positive image of Greek Life. The organizations will work not only to strengthen their council but to work with the other councils as well.  With a focus on developing the IGA core values of Community Service, Leadership, Unity, Scholarship, Training, Education, and Retention, the members are to exemplify SUNY Buffalo State’s mission and values by serving as great role models for the SUNY Buffalo State community, with positive role modeling and exemplary reputations on campus.

Academic Excellence: Positively affecting member’s intellectual development. The chapter members excel in academics. The members should strive to be a part of the Dean’s List every semester. At the minimum, members should strive to excel above the minimum GPA requirement to be involved in the organization.

Philanthropy & Service: Developing citizenship through service and outreach.  The chapter members must exemplify civic engagement while facilitating activities and functions, as well as participating in various service initiatives both on and off campus.

Leadership Development: Developing leadership skills and abilities.  The chapter members demonstrate a value leadership and work to continuously develop their own skills in order to apply those skills to their organizations.  Members are expected to be positively engaged on campus and contribute to various leadership opportunities.

Citizenship and Social Justice: As a diverse community, we expect that the students would stretch beyond their horizon and be involved in a variety of educational events with a varied group of co-sponsors.  It should be a focus to ensure our members are becoming well-rounded students and global citizens.


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