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Virtual Involvement Fair

Virtual Involvement Fair

Buffalo State recognizes that student organizations are an important part of the college experience. That is why we are excited to host a Virtual Involvement Fair for students to interact with our clubs and organizations.

We encourage you to take part in meeting our student organizations and learning about the different ways they contribute to our Buffalo State community! The following organizations have made short videos to introduce themselves, share highlights of the organization, what the experience has meant to them, and how you can also get involved!

Access the Virtual Involvement Fair!

How to Access the Virtual Involvement Fair

1. Click on the orange button above to be directed to the virtual involvement fair.

2. Login using your Buffalo State email address by clicking the Google Login function. (Faculty and Staff should use the Microsoft Login function).

3. Scroll down to the bottom to view and interact with student organizations!

4. When you're ready to make a video, click the "green plus sign" and follow Flip Grid's instructions on how to record.

5. Record your video to share and connect with Buffalo State students!

Instructions on Making a Video

Making a video is easy! Please check out our step-by-step guide to assist you! Some sample videos have already been provided to give your organization an idea of what to include.

What to Include in Your Video

We encourage you to make your video your own and unique to your student organization. However, we recommend some ideas to get you started!

  • Say "Hello!" and introduce your organization
  • How your organization makes a positive impact on the Buffalo State community
  • What being involved in your organization has meant to you
  • How to contact your organization and get involved
  • Programs or events you have held in the past
  • Anything else you think people may want to know!

Ground Rules

The Virtual Involvement Fair is a welcoming place and open to all students and organizations that wish to participate. Please keep videos appropriate and make sure they do not include offensive language, graphic content, etc.


For more information about specific student clubs and organizations, click here to access Bengal Connect.


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