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Student Organization Incidents

Student Organization Incident Report Form

The Student Organization Incident Report Form is an opportunity for any individual from the Buffalo State College community to provide information concerning incidents from student organizations. Reports submitted will be reviewed by Student Leadership and Engagement.

Student Organization Incident Report Form

When to use this form:
If you have observed the activities of a student organization and feel the organization has violated college policies and procedures, terms of their constitution or by-laws, or event specific guidelines, complete this form to report the issue to Student Leadership and Engagement. Representatives from Student Leadership and Engagement will follow up on any issues reporting through this form and address them as needed.

When NOT to use this form:
This form is only intended to be used to report issues that relate to Buffalo State student organizations and any behavior the group may be conducting or condoning. If you witness a behavioral issue with an individual student or faculty or staff member, contact Student Conduct and Community Standard at and/or 716-878-3051.

If this is an emergency situation, please contact the University Police Department at 716-878-6333. Do not use this reporting form if an immediate response is required.


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