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SOAR Workshops

Student Organization Achievement and Resources (SOAR)

To efficiently prepare student organizations for success, Student Leadership and Engagement will offer all student organizations the opportunity to participate in SOAR. SOAR consists of 7 workshops spread throughout the academic calendar, along with a mandatory information meeting at the beginning of the Fall semester and an open forum to wrap up the Spring semester. Workshops will focus on the training and development of student organization leaders. Although not required, organizations that attend all workshops will be entered into a raffle to receive an end-of-year pizza party. Organizations must send at least one member from their executive board to every workshop to complete to receive credit.


PATHS and Tracking Progress

Organizations’ progress will be tracked on Bengal Connect through the SOAR Path. Student leaders from each organization will be able to track their organization’s progress through Paths over the course of each semester. Students will be able to contact Student Leadership and Engagement staff for any assistance using Paths. Each organization is required to complete SOAR every academic year.



For Student Organizations to earn credit for SOAR workshops, at least one member from each organization must be in attendance and actively participate in the following workshops:

Fall Semester
  • Mandatory Student Organization Meeting (August 29th)
  • Bengal Connect 101
  • Planning A Campus Event
  • Running Effective Meetings
  • Time Management
  • Group Dynamics and Conflict


Spring Semester
  • Bengal Connect 101
  • Planning A Campus Event
  • Transitioning Executive Boards
  • Re-registration for Fall Semester
  • End of Year Open Forum


Overview of Workshops

Bengal Connect 101

Bengal Connect provides students the opportunity to connect with clubs and organizations, learn about campus programs and events taking place on campus, and how to get involved when attending Buffalo State! This workshop will teach students how to create an event, track attendance, and utilize multiple recruitment tools for your organization. Additional information will cover both the check-in and CORQ app.

Planning A Campus Event

Campus events and programs are a great way to promote and share your organization with the campus community. . This workshop will learn how to use Mazevo software to reserve spaces in the Campbell Student Union, reserve through events management, and the importance of planning.

Running Effective Meetings

Effective and efficient meetings will keep your organization on track and encourage your members to keep coming back. This workshop will provide tips for setting the agenda, meeting procedures, interacting with participants, and following up. As a leader of an organization, you must know how to efficiently and effectively facilitate meetings with your members.

Time Management

There are 168 hours each week. Planning becomes an essential tool for getting things done with classes, activities, studying, and free time. This workshop will discuss time management, priority management, and goal setting. Engage in discussions introducing you to multiple tools to effectively manage your time and balance course work and organization responsibilities.

Group Dynamics and Conflict

Conflict and tension can arise when collaborating closely within your community. This workshop will provide you with helpful tools and skills to reduce tensions and work on maintaining healthy relationships with your peers and how to deal with difficult people in your group. You will also learn about elements, causes, and ways to resolve both negative and positive forms of conflict.

Transitioning Executive Boards

Transitioning officers is one of the most crucial elements for a student organization. Learn about the necessary steps and resources to ensure your new executive board is prepared to take the reins and continue the momentum for the year ahead.

Re-registration Process

Student organizations already recognized at Buffalo State must apply for re-registration on an annual basis. It is the responsibility of the student organization to complete this process. Failure to do so with the re-registration process may result in a revocation of your student organization’s registration status. This workshop will walk you through the re-registration process to ensure your organization is ready for a new semester.


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