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The Reservation Process

MaxGalaxy Portal for Union Reservations

1. Creating a Max Galaxy Account

Visit the above link to enter the Max Galaxy portal for Student Union Reservations. If this is your first time reserving a room, click "Create an Account" in the top left corner and complete the form to create your account. 

2. Submit a Reservation

To ensure availability and proper room set ups, all space requests should be made by submitting a completed Reservation Form online.  Click on the "Facility Reservation" link on the top left of the page to be redirected to the Reservation Form.  Please provide complete information.  Incomplete Reservation Forms will not be processed. You will recieve a pending approval email once your form is submitted.

To allow for adequate processing time and to increase the chances of receiving the dates and/or rooms that you desire, reservation forms must submitted fourteen (14) days prior to the event, and thirty (30) days prior for any event held in the Social Hall.

3. Confirmation/Denial of Request

Upon confirmation of the room request, you will recieve an automated email individual you have a confirmed reservation for your event. If the event is denied, please revisit the MaxGalaxy portal and submit another reservation, changing the time/location of your event. If you have any questions as to room reservation requests, please contact

For events expecting over 100 people, are planning on serving alcohol, require security, extended building hours, guest speakers, and/or extensive set ups and equipment, a mandatory Event Planning Meeting will take place. Event Planning Meetings are meetings between the Reservations and Events Manager for the Campbell Student Union, a representative from the organization, and any other relevant campus parties. The purpose of the Event Planning Meeting is to discuss the specific details of the proposed event. For this meeting, organizations are asked to have all the event details ready for discussion. This includes information on set up, guest speakers, food, equipment, etc.

Once an Event Meeting has been scheduled, it is your responsibility to keep this appointment. Failure to do so may delay the approval of your event and/or result in the cancellation of the event. 

4. Event Agreement 

After the Event Meeting, the Campbel Student Union staff will send an event agreement form outlining the specifics of the event. Organizations are required to obtain the proper signatures, and return the signed agreement to the Student Leadership & Engagement office by the due date listed. Failure to complete the Event Agreement will result in the canellation of the event. 

If an organization is unclear about any aspect of the agreement, it is their responsibility to obtain clarification. Ignorance will not be accepted as a valid excuse for any facility policy violation. Any changes or cancellations should be addressed to the Reservations and Events Manager of the Campbell Student Union immediately.

Please note that if your request is confirmed by the Campbell Student Union, the information you provide will be added to the Campbell Student Union Facility Schedule which is displayed throughout the building.

5. Other Important Information

Campbell Student Union Cancellation Policy

Any organization, department, or staff meeting is allowed two cancellations per semester. If an organization cancels more than three events in a semester, all remaining reservations will be voided and said organization will be barred from making further reservations until the end of the semester.  No shows are grounds for immediate revoking of reserving privileges.

Security & Liability

The reserving party is responsible and liable for the use, care, and condition of the room/area and its contents.

The reserving party incurs responsibility for security measures and arrangements relative to its proposed event.  He/she thereby assumes full responsibility for any damages, theft or vandalism resulting from either the use of space and/or equipment, or failure to notify the Building Manager so that rooms and equipment can be secured.

For those activities that require the hiring of security personnel, the Campbell Student Union Reservation and Events Manager will make arrangements with the University Police Department (UPD).  It is the reserving party's responsibility to pay for any fees that may be incurred.

During an event, the Building Manager should be immediately consulted by the reserving party regarding any situations, which may require the attention of University Police. In addition, the Campbell Student Union is not responsible for any lost or stolen items that were left behind before, during or after an event.

After Events

The reserving party is responsible for ensuring that the reserved space is cleaned after an event.  This includes sweeping and in some instances mopping the area used, and collecting trash.  The space must be left clean enough for the next event.  This is particularly important on weekends when there is no regular maintenance of the building.  If this is not done, the reserving party will be responsible for paying extraordinary clean up charges.

Decorations (that meet standards set by the College Environmental Health and Safety Coordinator) used in conjunction with the reserved area must be promptly removed by the reserving party following the event.  There is to be NO glitter, oil, baby powder, paint, water balloons, or using any adhesive to the walls with the exception of blue painter's tape. Decorations must in no way damage or mar the surface of the reserved area.  If the facility is damaged by decorations the reserving party will be responsible for paying for damages incurred.

The room used must be left as it was found. All organizations who rearrange furniture must replace the moved furniture and leave it as was found.



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