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COVID-19 Information


The Campbell Student Union is not currently accepting reservations for space, however we are offering limited tabling opportunities for on-campus student organizations & departments..

The Campbell Student Union is prepared to begin limited tabling in the upper lobby in order to provide an outlet for information sharing and interaction amongst the campus community. COVID-19 protocols will be promoted, monitored, and enforced.

  • Tabling will be available for reservation from 11-3pm Monday - Friday (except on holidays).
  • Table reservations are non transferable (groups may not redistribute unused time to other groups).
  • Four (4) tables will be available for individual groups.
    • Tables are spaced 6' apart.
  • One (1) individual may staff the table at any given time
    • Individuals at the table must always be masked
    • Individuals may not eat at the information tables but are permitted to hydrade.  Masks may only be removed when drinking.
  • Props, supplies, or other displays are permitted on the table surface only.
  • Sign up sheets are permitted, though there must be enough writing utensils for one time use or a method of sanitation for a communal writing instrument.
  • Music will be provided by the Student Union and played throughout the lobby.  Individual amplified sound is not permitted.
  • Student organizations found out of compliance will face disciplinary action.

*In-person events & programs advertised must have prior approval from the Campus Events & Visitor Committee prior to tabling.  

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