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Camp 1871

Camp 1871

November 3-5, 2023

If you are looking for an opportunity to meet new friends, student leaders, faculty, and staff, then Camp 1871 is the right fit for you! Camp 1871 is a three-day and two-night, high-energy experience for first-semester first-year and first-semester transfer students to attend a leadership retreat at Cradle Beach Camp in Angola New York.

Camp 1871 generates enthusiasm and excitement for new students while encouraging Buffalo State's spirit in campus activities, traditions, and athletic events. In addition, you will learn more about yourself, your leadership style, and how to work with others as you begin your collegiate experience at Buffalo State. Attendees will also discover opportunities for leadership and involvement on campus. Through all of this, the Camp 1871 Staff will encourage and support you in your personal, social, and academic transition to Buffalo State.


Students interested in attending Camp 1871 can fill out the online registration form. Faculty and Staff are also welcome to encourage students to attend the program.

Camp 1871 Registration

All students signing up for Camp 1871 are asked to pay a non-refundable deposit to reserve their spot.

Only cash, check, or money order will be accepted and can be delivered to Student Leadership and Engagement in Campbell Student Union 400. Checks can be made payable to Buffalo State.

Why Camp 1871?

Getting Connected 

Camp 1871 is a great way for new students to build friendships as they start their Buff State career. Camp offers team-building experiences, small group sessions, and much more! Campers have multiple opportunities to get connected. 

Getting Involved 

Many students who attend camp quickly become involved in student organizations and serve in leadership positions throughout their college career at Buff State. At camp, exceptional student leaders, alum, faculty, and staff motivate and encourage campers to contribute their time and talent in making a difference as a Bengal. 

Becoming a Bengal 

Camp 1871 is full of activities and events that offer students a chance to grow in their understanding of the history, tradition, and mission of Buff State. Additionally, students are directly connected to upper-class student leaders who answer questions and address concerns you might have about starting college at Buffalo State. 

Cradle Beach
Cradle Beach, Angola, NY
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