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Mentor Resources

Mentor Resources & Frequently Asked Questions:

How long is my commitment? We ask all mentors when considering the program to agree to participate for at least one full academic year (Fall-Spring). This allows for consistency with regard to the support we provide first year students. However, we understand you are a student too, if you ever need to resign from your role please reach out to Shawnte Wilson as soon as possible.

When will I be assigned my mentees? Mentee assignments will be shared in August.

When will I begin working with my mentees? Once incoming first year students are assigned to mentoring groups, these support professionals will be connected with the students during the Summer Immersion experience. There the engagement begins. Mentors will continue to support students throughout the entire academic year from that point.

How often do I meet with my mentees? Mentors are asked to host meet and greets for their assigned caseload 1x/month. It’s ok if every mentee doesn’t show every time. We suggest you schedule a standing day and time each month so students come to expect when meetings will occur. Additionally, we ask mentors to make themselves available during their weekly office hours to meet with students 1:1 if requested.

What will I discuss with my mentees during our meetings? It’s always best to start with checking in with students to see how their week went. From there, please follow the topics listed in the UNC 101 Syllabus and FY Engagement plan (copies are avail in the Bengal Success Center, Bengal Hall 118).  If students need to discuss more pressing matters that is ok too, just be sure to make a note of this in your weekly documentation. Meetings don’t have to always be serious; you can also engage students in icebreakers or other social activities to engage them.

Where do I document my updates and when is it due? Currently mentor teams are asked to complete the weekly engagement report, which is due every Satruday by 5pm. This form should report out on what happened during the previous week. Mentors should also document case notes in the Bengal Success Portal, reporting on unique student interactions. If you meet with students in a group, you can enter one note for multiple students. If you call a student, meet with or chat with a student 1:1 your note should only refer to what happened with that student and be entered under their name in the Bengal Success Portal.

Do I have other responsibilities besides meeting with students? We recognize that not all first-year students will choose to attend monthly meetings or answer your calls, however we still want to attempt to engage with these students. In addition to direct engagement; all mentors will be encouraged to participate in other forms of student engagment, including but not limited to (the summer immersion program, UNC 101 seminars, tabling, dorm storming, offering program support, and providing social media content). All mentors must commit to at least one weekly shift in the Roar 2 Success Lounge. Once you have signed up for these items additional details will be shared. If you have questions about any of your assigned tasks we encourage you to discuss this with the Program Director.

I know someone who is a mentor/ I heard about the program; how do I sign up? First year students are ineligible to be mentors but, we are always recruiting for the next generation of Peer Mentor Leaders, if you have leadership ability and are at least a 2nd year student at Buffalo State College and would like to impact the next first year class in a positive way, we would love to have you. Let us know you're interested!

I never mentored anyone before, will I be trained? In short, ABSOLUTELY! We want to ensure mentors feel comfortable with mentoring because this will help the program be more effective. Mentors will be trained prior to the start of the fall semester. We also suggest that mentors take the time to plan their group meetings before hosting them. Our professional staff will also periodically observe group meetings throughout the semester and share feedback with the mentors. If you ever need help with preparing for a meeting feel free to reach out to the Program Director.


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