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Posting Policy

Campbell Student Union Posting Policy

Organizations wishing to post information/advertisements in the Campbell Student Union will adhere to the following:

  • Flyers/advertisements will only be accepted if they are promoting registered organizations and/or college approved/sanctioned events
  • Flyers may not exceed 11”x17” in size
  • Each flyer posted must include the name of the sponsoring organization
  • Flyers in a language other than English must have a readable English translation
  • Postings are not allowed in any restrooms, on any wood, concrete, windows, or painted surfaces
  • Up to 4 copies of a flyer or advertisement can be dropped off to the Campbell Student Union Welcome Center during regular business hours
    • Flyers will be reviewed and hung by Campbell Student Union staff
    • Approved flyers will be posted within 24 hours of receipt

Non-college related advertisements

Any organization not affiliated with Buffalo State College may utilize our community board in the North Hall of the Student Union (near room 232). 

Printed Materials (Quarter sheets/handouts/table tents, etc)

Quarter sheets and other handouts may be presented to individuals, if they accept them, from an organization with a table reservation.  Table tents, quarter sheets, and/or handouts may not be left on tables or other surfaces in the building.

Any posting that violates the above regulations or is deemed inappropriate may be removed and disposed of immediately at the discretion of the Campbell Student Union staff.


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