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ROAR 2 Success Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

“Roar 2 Success” is brought to you by the Department of Education’s Title III Grant Initiative



How are students selected to participate in Roar 2 Success? Confirmed first year students will be sent a virtual postcard sometime between June and July as long as they are not enrolled in EOP, Honors, or registered as an International Student. These programs provide similar support, so we do not want to overwhelm students. If for some reason you are not interested in receiving the FREE supports offered by thif program please reply to the email and indicate you wish to "opt out of support".

How often do I meet with my Completion Coach? Ideally, we ask that students meet with their Coach at least once per month if they are doing well in classes and have no other needs. However, if you have had a more difficult transition, Coaches prefer to meet with students bi-weekly to ensure that we assist you in resolving any issues you may be experiencing. Coaches use the Bengal Success Portal to monitor student progress and will reach out to students on a targeted basis. If you ever need to meet with a Coach more often, feel free to message your assigned Coach in the Bengal Success Portal where you can view their calendar and set up an appointment, or simply send them an email.

What is Mentorship? Mentorship is a process in which an experienced individual helps another person develop his/her/their goals and skills through on-going, supportive conversations and learning exercises. First year students enrolled in the Roar 2 Success program will serve as mentees and be matched with a returning Buffalo State student who will take on the role of mentor.

How are students assigned to a mentor? Peer Mentors are assigned to a small group of first year students who live in the same res hall. Mentors table and program in the res halls, when you see them say hello. Mentors will also reach out to their assigned students via email or group chat at least once per month.

What is the purpose of a mentor? Peer Mentors are great sources of insight because very often they have experienced similar situations and barriers that their first-year mentees may also encounter. Peer Mentors will help the Completion Coaches by assisting students during their transition to college life. Student support will focus on the following topics: nutrition education, financial literacy, strategies to adapt to the challenges of academic rigor, effective time management, and study skills development.  Additionally, mentors will provide engagement opportunities for first-year students through workshops, social activities, and community events.

How often do students meet with mentors? Peer Mentors will outreach minimally 1x/monthly  to all of their assigned mentees. During this time we encourage you to share with your mentor how the semester is going and if you need any help. Additionally mentees will be invited to join one of our monthly social events, co-hosted by your mentor. These may be virtual or in person. During this time mentors will talk with their mentees in a group and discuss the identified topics for the month. Additionally, students who miss the meet and greets can always engage with a mentor by dropping in to our Roar 2 Success Lounge Monday though Thursday: 10am-5pm or Fridays 10am-4pm. We are located on the 4th floor of the Campbell Student Union in room 404. Additionally you can also always reach out directly to your mentor  via email or group chat to schedule a 1:1 meeting if you prefer.

Can I be a mentor? First year students are ineligible to be mentors but, we are always recruiting for the next generation of Peer Mentor Leaders, if you have demonstrated leadership ability, are at least a second year student at Buffalo State, and would like to impact the next first year class in a positive way, we would love to have you. Let us know you're interested!

What if I am not interested in being in the Roar 2 Success program? We would recommend that even if you don’t feel you need a Completion Coach, mentor, or the first-year engagement that you not opt out of support as things sometimes change. However, if you are truly not interested in services you can email your assigned Coach and let them know.

“Roar 2 Success” is brought to you by the Department of Education’s Title III Grant Initiative


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