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Is Orientation mandatory?

Yes, all incoming first-year and transfer students must complete orientation. Failure to attend will not remove the orientation fee from your first semester bill.


What if I cannot attend Orientation?

All new students must attend an orientation session. If the current available dates do not work for you, connect with Student Leadership and Engagement as there may be 1 or 2 makeup dates available prior to the start of the semester.


What if I don’t complete Orientation?

Most importantly, not completing orientation will place you at a disadvantage for the start of your academic career at Buffalo State. Orientation is a great way to learn about the campus and make early social connections. Financially speaking, students are billed for orientation regardless if they attend or not. A hold may also be placed on your student account until this fee is paid. Holds prevent the ability to register for the following semester’s courses.


How much does Orientation cost? How do I pay?

The one-time orientation fee will be applied automatically to your first-semester bill. Please click the tab that corresponds with how you identify as a student (first year or transfer) and the semester you will begin at Buffalo State. These pages have the most up to date information regarding current student fees. For parent payment information and registration please click the parent tab.

Parent/Guest $75 per person for first year sessions, $50 per person for transfer sessions. *students are allowed no more than 2 parents/guests to accompany them. The ability to invite a guest could change based on current Covid-19 pre-cautions. We will refund students for their guest fee if this occurs.


If I am a student athlete or in EOP do I also have to attend one of the first year sessions in addition to the athletic or EOP session?

No, attending your athletic or EOP orientation session counts as orientation attendance. Every incoming student is only asked to attend one orientation session.


What time does orientation start:

During the summer 2022 season, first year sessions will begin on day one with check in. The check in area will be open from 11:30am-1pm. Transfer sessions will run one full day and check in will begin at 8am. Full schedules are available under the respective orientation tabs.


What res hall will I stay in for orientation and who will I room with?

Res hall and room number for first year student's staying overnight will be communicated on the day of check in. The pairing of students in rooms will be at the discretion of res life and be random in nature. 


What should I bring for my overnight orientation stay?

For your overnight stay, we recommend you pack light and only bring the necessities. If you eventually will be living on campus we recommend checking out the full "what to bring/what not to bring" list on the res life home page.

Must Have Items:

Pillow, pillowcases, blanket, bedspread, mattress pad, sheets to fit a twin extra-long mattress, Clothes (at least 2 outfits and some pjs),Towels and washcloths, Lock Box (for medications you need to take while at orientation), Shower caddy & Shower shoes/Flip Flops, Toiletries (soap, deodorant, hair products, comb/brush, headscarf/du-rag, lotion, hand sanitizer, cologne/perfume), Hair dryer, First Aid kit, Cleaning products (Clorox wipes, etc to sanitize the room if you prefer),Refillable water bottle, Cell phone and charger, Laptop/Tablet and charger, Umbrella, Fan (large and/or clip)

Optional Items:

Portable Gaming systems, Alarm clock (or set the alarm on your phone), ATM Card, Credit Cards, Driver License, Insurance Cards, Passport/Visa, Social Security Card

If you are unsure whether specific items are allowed, contact our office at 716-878-3000 for clarification.


I am a residential student, should I expect to move on campus after Orientation?

Typically no. Depending on when you are attending orientation, you may need to plan on moving directly into your res hall the day before or after your session. The move in timeline  is completely up to Residence Life. If you have questions regarding when you should expect to move on campus and where you will be living please contact Residence Life directly via email or by calling 716-878-3000.


I feel lost in my college transiton, is there some one that can talk to me 1:1 and offer me support?

We get it, transitioning to college can be a confusing process, but it doesnt have to be. We have professional staff on campus who can support incoming first-year students and ensure that they have a successful collegiate transition. Please check out the supports and services offered by our Roar 2 Success program or email us directly to get connected with supports! If you are a transfer student in need of support, our transfer department is also willing to support you during this time, feel free to contact them via email.


Questions? Text us at 716-281-5521


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