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Campbell Student Union Decoration Policy

Student groups are permitted to decorate the event space to make it suit the needs of the organizations. Decorations and other items displayed within the space should not create a health, safety, or sanitation hazard within the space.  Campbell Student Union staff has the right to ask a group to remove any décor that poses a health, safety, or sanitation hazard or that violates college policy.

The following are PROHIBITED in the Campbell Student Union:

  • Glue, spray adhesive, any tape (with the exception of blue painter’s tape), or any other type of adhesive on walls or doors.
  • Spray paint, tie-dye, or any other permanent paint products
  • Open flames (lit candles, food warmers, etc. must have prior approval of CSU Management)
  • Loose glitter, sand, straw, confetti etc. and fabrics covered in such material
  • Balloons filled with glitter, confetti, etc.
  • Baby power, baby oil, body glitter, whipped cream, shaving cream, or any other product that could cause a mess or slippery floor conditions


  • Only painter’s tape is permitted; no duct tape, spray adhesive or other glues are allowed.
  • Materials must be removed from the wall, tables, or bulletin board at the end of the reservation. All adhesive residues must be removed.
  • Groups are not permitted to affix any decorations (balloons, garland, etc.) to any handrails in the building. 

Smoke or fog

Walls, Fixtures and Floors:

  • The walls, windows, doors, floors, ceiling, and any fixtures of the room are college property. At no time shall a group alter, remove, or damage these components.
  • Painting any surface is strictly prohibited.
  • Floors shall not be covered with any material that is not rated for use on a floor (i.e. table covers will not be permitted as floor covering as there is a significant tripping hazard). 

All groups are responsible for a clean-up after any event (sweeping floors, mopping any excessive stains, changing and taking out garbage, etc.). Materials left after an organization has left the event space will be disposed of and the organization could be subject to a cleaning fee.

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