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Bengal Pause

Bengal Pause:

Every Tuesday & Thursday from 12:15-1:30 during the academic year when limited classes are scheduled in an effort for students to have time to become involved on campus. Student groups, campus offices, and academic departments have the ability to table for their group, Student Leadership & Engagement holds programs, and the Bengal community gathers.

Bengal Pause Table Reservations

Student groups, college offices, and academic departments may request no more than three (3) Bengal Pause tables a month by utilizing the MaxGalaxy Reservation Portal; tables are automatically approved based on availability.

Note: If no tables are showing on the date selected, tables are no longer available for that day.

At 10:30AM, individuals may begin checking in for their Bengal Pause table. Organizations must check-in at the Information Desk to receive their table/chairs for the day.

The Waitlist will also begin at this time. Requests by organizations, departments, or offices looking to be placed on the waitlist for the day must be made in person by a representative of the club or organization. Phone/Email requests will not be honored.

Beginning at 11:30AM, unclaimed tables will be released to the waitlist in first come order. A representative must be present in order for a waitlisted organization to receive a table.

Organizations who no-show for their table three times across the semester will forfeit their table reservations for the remainder of the semester.

Organizations tabling during Bengal Pause may not:

- utilize amplified sound,
- advertise non-college sponsored events,
- sell/disperse food or beverage that was prepared in a private home/residence hall, per Erie County Department of Health guidelines. Organizations looking to distribute food during Bengal Pause must seek prior approval by the Operations Manager.  For more information, please see the Policies & Procedures for Commercial Activities

At the conclusion of Bengal Pause, organizations are responsible for clearing their area of any trash that may have accumulated as a part of their tabling efforts. Organizations found neglecting to clean/respect their designated area may risk the revocation of tabling privileges for the remainder of the semester.


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